Role of Skill Development in country Economic Growth

Education is full-fledged process on its own. It includes the basic process of learning. Now the question that arises is what does the process of learning embraces? It is a sum total of knowledge, values, skills and beliefs. Education is the process that decides the future of the people of a country because of the powers it possess which is the power to transform everything.

The conventional method of education was the Gurukuls, where the students used to stay and learn upanishads, mantras, moral values, leadership skills and material knowledge from their gurus. The drawback was that only Shatriyas and other high classes had the access to these Gurukuls. Even in modern period, there hasn't been much change. Education is meant for all irrespective of the religion, sex, age, language, economic status and cultures. Education is needed by countries to foster economic growth of their country on the whole.

Following are the ways in which skill development helps in the economic growth of a country:

1. Increases Employment: Skills development imparts the people of a country with basic vocational skills that will be further needed in a variety of jobs.

2. Economic Development: Skill development fosters economic growth by increasing the output of the workers manifold and this in turn helps in the economic development of a country.

3. Empowers the individual: Education contributes to a country's economic growth by way of teaching them about basic moral values and attitudes to cope up with any situation that might arise in their professional career someday. Hence, it empowers the individual to put the best foot forward any day.

4. Improves the social value of people: Education and skill development also contributes to the development of a country by improving the social value of its citizens through better health facilities and more employment opportunities.

5. Helps adjust to challenges and opportunities: Through the process of skill development, the emphasis is laid on making the citizen of a country more disciplined, flexible and strong through quality education.

6. Increases productivity: Only a well-educated and well-trained workforce is able to possess a significant and positive impact on the economic growth of a country unlike the illiterates who cannot be a catalyst in increasing the productivity of the nation on the whole.

The economic growth of any country is directly or indirectly linked to the skills possession of its population. A nation does not needs mindless, pointless and goalless youngsters in its population rather a nation always seek for talented, mindful and skilful youngsters that can help improve the status of a nation on world level by creating a dynamic society unmatchable by any other nation. Hence, this is the responsibility of a government to provide them with the necessary means to chisel themselves and make themselves of more worth to their own country.

Youth is the hope for any country and its economic growth. So, the key is to provide the youth with necessary vocational training to increase and master various skills. This will also teach them about the unsaid protocols that are observed at any workplace.

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