Placement Ratio or Skill Development? Needs To Focus Upon

Often people who are skilled go ahead than those who are qualified. It's all about the opportunity. It is important that you opt for raising the skill levels and not just on the results and placement ratios. This is something every educational institute should understand. Most of them go for teaching only that is available in books. But practical training is very much important. So, all you must do is get access to the best training options. Skill India Development stresses more on skill development rather than just the figures which talk of the placement ratio.

How skill developments help people?

• The first thing that is needed to do is understand that everyone is equipped with talent. If you have the right talent then you can go ahead in life. But at the same time, if you are qualified then this is an added advantage. However, colleges and schools should try to create custom programs for those who really want to get ahead.

• The colleges which boast that they are number one in placement should understand that there is no point in employing those who don't know what they are going to do ahead. The main thing is, every student should be taught the importance of practical working scenario.

• It's good that the new people and new working environment accept that the skills are to be developed well and this is something that will keep the employee ahead than others. After all, this will benefit each and everyone concerned.

• Even though India is called as the land of engineers, many of them are still unemployed because they don't have money for higher education after that. But if they take part in the skill development programs then things would come under control. The employment ratio will then increase.

Skills should be sharpened and this will help the employee and the country as a whole. The person whom you choose for work should have the required skills and this will work by all means. It is important to find out the skills that people have. There should be women's participation too. All these things when taken up in common will really work well. Practical training is quite important and this will matter a lot in making anyone equipped with the perfect state of art for gaining experience and expertise. So, make sure that you know which is the best place to get trained for further solutions.

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