Mr. Rajeev Mathur
(Vice President)
MGCP Group Of Companies

Mr. Rajeev Mathur is responsible for determining and looking after the strategic direction of MG Career Park Group Of Companies. He is known for his excellent ability to devise new strategies for the development of the same. His unique ideas and wonderful approach have always contributed to the success of MG Career Park. Contrary to the general belief that honesty and integrity are rare behavioral traits, Mr. Rajeev Marthur has consistently emphasized a lot on both of these to ensure client's satisfaction. He is also deeply involved in the operations of the organization and makes sure that his employees carry out each operational process in a timely manner.

He has thoroughly remained available for the employees to hear their concerns and to resolve their issues (if any). A firm believer of a healthy relationship between employer and employee, he has always encouraged his employees to achieve excellence in their work and to work dedicatedly for the organization. A fierce speaker, Mr. Mathur is known within the organization as someone who has always presented all the presentations during business meetings accurately and flawlessly.

Under his leadership, the company has grown tremendously in the last three years, which is itself a remarkable feat. Not only this, he has also managed successfully to tie up the organization with the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) of the government of India. This has given the organization more national and international exposure as well as new opportunities to explore. He has worked hard for bridging the wide gap between demand and skills, as he strongly believes that it is this gap, which has proved a hindrance for achieving greater development since independence. The gap is alarming as the market needs are dynamic and most students are only busy in getting the educational degrees, which serve no purpose once they step out of their colleges or educational institute to find suitable employment.

He has until date made more than 300 training partners and has helped the organization to reach out to new places within the country. He has a vast experience of working in various sectors like aviation, hospitality and many more for several years at senior positions. In MG Career Park, he used all his previous experience for the good and identified the skill gaps existing in these sectors to start new courses.

It is his experience as a skill development trainer during his initial professional years that has helped him vastly to understand the mindset of trainees and the difficulties faced by trainers during training sessions. Consequently, he has almost ensured that all the training courses conducted by the organization go smoothly regardless of the fact that whether they are conducted in Rajasthan or other states of India. In 2005, he joined Sky Academy as a Regional Manager and excelled there in performing all his job responsibilities after which in 2013 joined the MG Career Park Group of Companies to don a set of new responsibilities. He has gained tremendous experience of working on government projects in the field of skill development like RSLDC i.e. Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation, and many others.

Not many know that he is also a certified aircraft maintenance engineer, and has an impressive 23,00 flying hours of experience as a flight engineer. He has done his engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Patna. He has also completed a six months advanced training in Dornier AIRCRAFTS, Lufthansa German. Later on, he shifted his focus to skill development training and became the General Manager of Operations in Sky Academy. He then went ahead with his experiences and served as the National Head Operations in Multinational Corporates and then the National Head in several other companies before joining MG Career Park.

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