MG Career Park is among the top leading corporate trainings in India and conducts corporate trainings both in house and outbound, soft skill trainings, effective team building, workshops, leadership development trainings etc.

We provide tailor made corporate trainings solutions through innovative ideas and methodology .These tailor made solutions build competence and confidence, to get best out of your business.

Before conducting training our experts will visit your organization to analyze your business requirement in order to design a best training solution.

Our main aim in designing any corporate training is to identify the gap between the knowledge skills and attributes required and those already possessed by employee.


Training Program


Target Audience

Play to Win (Offsite workshop)

Behaviors for Leadership & Team Excellence

Middle/ Senior Management

8 Steps to Excellence

Behaviors for Organizational Excellence

Middle/ Senior Management

Insurance - Transformation

Motivating sessions for Life Insurance Leaders

Middle/ Lower Management

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Situational Leadership

Middle Management/ Supervisors

Manager to a Leader

Leadership Behaviors

Middle Management/ Supervisors

What's Your Color

Interpreting and modeling customer's social style

Sales Professionals/ Supervisors

Sell Well Excell (Insurance))

Winning Process for Excellence in Sales In Insurance Business

Insurance Sales Professionals / Supervisors

A Short Course in Selling

Winning Sales Mantra

Sales Professionals/ Supervisors

Get Customer to Initiate Closing

Need Based Benefit Selling

Sales Professionals/ Supervisors

Time Management

Sales Professionals/ Supervisors

Empower the Enabler

Facilitation Skills Workshop for Trainers


Trainer Validations

Trainer's Skill Assessment and Development


Behavioral Interviewing

Interviewing Skills

HR Professionals/ Recruiting Managers

Manager Induction Program*

Organization Culture, Desired Behaviors and Competence development

New Employee Induction

Individual Financial Planning (IFP) Overview

Individual Financial planning concepts

BFSI Professionals

IFP with Life Insurance

How to Plan Personal Finances Using Life Insurance

BFSI Professionals

IFP with Mutual Fund Investments

How to Plan Personal Finances with MF Investments

BFSI Professionals

IFP with Real Estate Investments

How to Plan Personal Finances with Real Estate investments

BFSI Professionals

Retirement Planning and Employee benefits

Elaborate Retirement Planning Workshop

BFSI Professionals

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Elaborate Individual Risk Management Workshop

BFSI Professionals

Prarthana Ka Phal

Motivational Session for Life Insurance Advisors - to Double the Branch's Sale

Life Insurance Agents/ Professionals

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