Hospitality industry, an industry which has sustained all the changes of the times and still stands strong, with head high and shoulders matching with other industries. Hospitality Management is the study of the hospitality industry, which includes event management, boarding, hotels, clubs, etc. The industry is called the multibillion-dollar industry and is being pursued by various individuals.

We, in the course of hospitality management, provide with the knowledge relating to various aspects of the industry, with major focus on the event management and hotel/club filed, wherein the student is given expertise knowledge regarding the course. The financial angle of the industry is also taught to the student, apart from focusing on the marketing aspect of the field, with is done so as to provide the student with the understanding of the future growth characteristics of the industry.

The Student is given a solid foundation and thorough knowledge, which shall be relevant for success in the field. The Certificate provided to the student shall help the student land up with a great job and the student shall always have the option and confidence to start his own work.

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